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Carole Alexis—internationally-recognized choreographer and artistic director of the surging professional dance company Ballet des Amériques/Company Carole Alexis – is standing at the vanguard of her field of dance. As a groundbreaking female pioneer of mixed ethnic background, she continues to shatter societal stereotypes and prejudices. Having lived in Martinique, Brittany, West Africa, Paris, and the United States—thus exemplifying the principles of unity, diversity, and inclusion in her own personality and heritage—Alexis commands a unique, multi-faceted choreographic voice; a kind of luminous poetry written in movement and filled with an indelible humanistic vision that transcends the barriers of human differences. Inspired in part by the teachings of the three founders of the Negritude movement: Aimé Césaire, Léopold Sédar Senghor, and Léon-Gontran Damas, Alexis embraces dance as a universal language that can inspire hope, freedom, mutual recognition, and reconciliation. Drawing inspiration from various society, politics, and culture, as well as music, nature, history, and human interaction, Alexis takes us from the landscapes of the Caribbean to the plains of Africa and the skyscrapers of New York City; from satirical reflections on modern-day society to refugee ships, swaying sugarcane fields, and brilliant flowers of spiritual resilience; from a glimpse into the profundity of a shared communal meal, to militaristic culture encountering humanity’s hope-filled pleas for love and peace... Alexis believes that art melds with societal-reflection, and  should grapple with universal themes. Consequently, her compositions remind us of the infinite potential and boundless possibilities of humankind.

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